Returns & Exchanges

All flower is non-refundable, this includes pre-rolled joints, pre-rolled packs (unless seal is not broken), CBD flower, and CBG flower.  

All edibles, supplements, tinctures, and nootropics are non refundable or redeemable for store credit or refund. If the seal has been broken, we reserve the right to evaluate how to handle a refund or exchange up to 2 hours after order has been placed. Please contact us immediately.

If your order arrives damaged, or the items received are incorrect, please contact us immediately with pictures and the itemized receipt.

Failure to contact us within a reasonable time frame may inhibit your ability to return any products to us for a full refund. You agree that we may charge you in sales, VAT, or nexus taxes collected in your jurisdiction as applicable when receiving any of our products.

If products are refundable a one time fee of $250 will be applied and a $100 restocking fee upon return. 

Quality Guarantee:
Unique Perception only uses the highest quality, organic materials. Please contact our quality team if there are any comments, questions, or concerns.


● Can I exchange my order instead of returning it?
○ Similar to the regulations that our company requests for returning items i.e. seals still intact, and inhalants/smokable

● What should I do if I received the wrong product?
○ If your order is incorrect, please contact us by phone or email ( immediately. 

● Can I make changes or cancel my order?

○ Yes, please contact us at directly as soon as possible.

● Where can I leave a review for Unique Perception products?

○ We would love to hear your feedback on Google, Facebook, Instagram
(@unique.perception), or Twitter (@UniqueATX)

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