COVID-19 and Cannabis 2020

The World is in a pandemic. Rules are changing rapidly, entire states are shutting down and case numbers have been steadily rising at a average 15% a day with no sign of letting up. Politics are all over the place and one doesn’t know who to believe. Will our president step up? Is the situation under control? Who’s on who’s team? We step onto social media platforms and a feeling of togetherness is felt, but then step outside into reality and a feeling distance, fear, doubts and unwanted human affection is felt strong. The America and the lives we all once lived are now just a memory that we can all hold onto for the grandchildren. Similar to our grandparents talking about Vietnam and how the draft altered American lives and culture for ever.

Where does Cannabis play its part? Let’s say maybe just maybe it will take a little bit of green in this nation to help us gather again and to feel human connectivity. Even if you have zero in common with someone, if you Smoke the herb that’s all that needs to be said. Could this little green plant not only be a unbelievable stress relief at a moment like this, but does it also have the power to bring back the love that we as a nation will desperately need in the upcoming months. The possibility’s of this plants powers haven’t fully been tapped into yet. With laws becoming less harsh for cannabis more research is on its way. Could 2020 be the year of Cannabis?  With so much uncertainty in life its refreshing to know that one thing is certain, no matter the day, time or place a big ol’ Joint will always lighten the mood and make the world seem just that more peaceful. 

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02 April, 2020


Interesting read, I think it will be legal in more states after this.

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